"Just a note to let you know that I had the most wonderful experience working for Nurseline in Hobart. While this was a first for me to work as an agency nurse, the support I got from Nurseline staff was just outstanding. I am looking forward to future opportunities."

Emely NZ contract RN Aug 2018

"I love the juggling life :-) not a lot of people are lucky enough to be able to tell their work "by the way I'm having a week off" and it's a non issue. Yay for Nurseline!"

RN Emily Sept 2017

"It has been an absolute amazing experience overall working for Nurseline. I would recommend you to anyone.
Thanks for all your support throughout my time."

Hollie RN August 2017

Can I just say how supportive Miren in particular has been over the past couple of weeks since I fell. She had rung me a number of times to see how I am doing and helped allay any anxiety I have had about letting clients down because I have been injured. She's a gem and you're lucky to have such wonderful staff.

RN Brenda July 2017

I started with Nurseline immediately after I completed my Bachelor of Nursing last year. My experience with Nurseline provided me with a diversity of experience in both acute and aged care settings. This variety allowed me to understand facilities systems, policies and procedures very quickly. At first, this continually changing environment was overwhelming, but with support from Cathy, Chris and the whole Nurseline team, I learned and developed my nursing practice. I believe that experience as an agency nurse makes nurses far more adaptable and consequently better professionals. Working with Nurseline was so rewarding and I am thankful for the opportunity to work with this brilliant organisation. Nurseline have given me a different and exciting experience to start my nursing career, I would certainly recommend Nurseline to any graduate nurse or any experienced nurse who feels like a change or a challenge.

Graduate RN May 2017

I wanted to say I found the employment process with Nurseline very efficient and all staff have been supportive and very easy to deal with.

Natalie RN June 2017

Thank you so much for the opportunities you have given me. I loved the variety of experience I gained working for Nurseline :) a wonderful way to start my career. Perhaps I will miss that variety and come back to you in the future, and we will work together again?"

Tess Graduate RN June 2017

"I have been working for Nurseline for 14 years,wth a break of 4 years back in the UK.

I have always without exception,found Nurseline to be faultlessly professional and reliable, whilst the staff on a personal level,are understanding of my requirements and needs whilst working as an agency nurse.
The staff are all truly delightful and genuinly make working for Nurseline a pleasure."

Jane H. RN 02 June 2015

"Always polite on phone. Hassle free only call when we give avails. Best employers, always happy and smiling."

Jacqueline N. 27 May 2015

"Nurses who are registered with Nurseline are supported by a clinical facilitator and management team. With this unique service nurses can be assured of a smoother transition into various work places."

Erika M. 27 May 2015

I have been more than happy with the way Nurseline have contacted me for shifts - plus my wages have been prompt and correct."

Annabella W. 27 May 2015

"I have worked for Nurseline casually for a number of years and can't speak highly enough of the brilliant professionalism and guidance received from the placement team. Their experience and expertise in choosing suitable sites for shifts is second to none. I have always felt confident and supported. Love the flexibility and consistency of the workload. Fits in with my lifestyle."

Cathy M. 27 May 2015

"In my years working in aged care I would be proud to say that nurseline were the best employer I have worked for, They are a great team to work for supportive towards staff. If they had enough work to offer I would still be with nurseline. Great crew I recommend 100% "

Vicki H. 27 May 2015

"Nurseline; A place where you have great opportunities, find friendly staff and can choose you own hours. Job satisfaction!"

S. M. 27 May 2015

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